Sunday, January 4th, 2008  Lauren
          FlaRF is almost here! We need everyone to be working extra hard to put on a good show at faire. Thanks guys :)

Friday, August 29th, 2008  Lauren
          Here's to hoping most of you can make it to the Newbie Meeting! It is scheduled to be on Wednesday, September 3rd, and graduates, if you are reading this, PLEASE try to make it! The BOD would like to create a warm, family feeling with which to welcome in newbies. This year will hopefully be a great one. See you all on Wednesday!

Monday, May 21st, 2007  Chrissy
          Congratulations! Another year has ended. I would like to recognize the graduating seniors for their tireless efforts to make this club into what they believe it should be. Jon, Laura, Rachel, Devon, Wyatt, Monica, Brittany F., Sabrina, Sara, Victoria, Brittany V., Amber, and Kristen (and if I left someone out i am sorry! its been a long weekend). You have all put so much time and effort and I hope to see you all come back and visit us next year. Congrats class of 2007 [see you at graduation].
          This past Saturday, we had our annual banquet. Thank you to the newbies for making it run smoothly [and for doing the stupid things the oldbies made you do]. I believe Banquet went well, and congrats to those who moved up in status!
          Congratulations also goes out to next year's appointed and elected officers! I have full confidence in the leaders of the club for next year, and I hope to ensure you guys a great year next year! You will hopefully see some new things happening in the club at the beginning of next year [maybe a resurrection of the Knightly News] and hopefully more oppurtunities for everyone to get even more heavily involved in this club.
          In case theres no other update before summer, I wish you all a safe and happy summer!!!! Be prepared to come back for fun!! GOOD L

Monday, December 18th, 2006  Jon
          I want to begin by complimenting the amazing job done by the current online staff. I remember how I would, at times, be impressed by the previous site, but this new one puts the old one to shame. And it rightfully should as proven by the amount of time and commitment that has been dedicated to it, all which can be seen on each of the well put together pages that are currently up. So, huzzah to all of you and I'm looking forward to see what you may have in store for the website in the future.
          I now would like to direct your attention to the photos from Camelot Days. Considering that this was our first year attending this festival, I am very impressed with everybody who was involved. Yes, I realize that it wasn't the vendor fair like we were promised, but I hope that it gave many of our newbies a taste of what is in store for them beginning February 10th at FlaRF. Between now and then, we will definitely be having some very important meetings to help further prepare us for FlaRF, so please keep your eyes on His Grace's board as well as this site's continuously updated calendar to know when these meetings will be.
          The Paladin Society will begin again refreshed and more organized after we return from Winter Break, so please be prepared for the upcoming Faire Season and have a fun and safe holiday!

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006  Jon
          I would like to start off by thanking everybody who joined us at FlaRF this year. I personally feel that things went well, little-to-no drama whatsoever. I want to give another thanks to those who sat and learned the different demos this year, as well as to those who did the jobs such as Knight's Quest and the Joust. In return for being able to work at the Faire for six weekends, the joust and Knight's Quest shouldn't be a problem at all and you guys did these things without complaining, so I thank you. Thanks to all of the chaperones who volunteered their time to this club once again, and especially to Mr. and Mrs. Duarte who did a wonderful time filling in for His Grace during his absence.
          Many occasions worth mentioning took place this season. Congratulations to the newly weds, Sir Robert Feeney and Lady Elizabeth Maryam Eischen Feeney! Congrats to Sir Danté Lucius Sperranzo and Lady Kayla Skye Beck on their engagement. Huzzah to all those who moved up in rank, and to those who are newbies, you'll soon be oldbies so be excited! It was great having Mr. Parsons and the chess club join us this year. They all had great attitudes and were willing to help in anyway needed, so thanks everybody, even if Mr. Parsons is evil at his Suicide Chess.
          I'm sure everybody will agree that both Kayla's tent and the inclusion of Pompano Beach high school's Order of the Blue Rose were great for our encampment, so huzzah. Christoph had his work cut out for him this year. Between Lierin's insulting and Savario's, he must have made a fortune.
*phew* Elections are all over. Congratulations to the new elected officers, next year sure turn out to be a very entertaining year! The option to run for Appointed Offices should be given tomorrow, so start choosing everybody and good luck! Mark your calendars everyone, Banquet is going to be on April 29th. There are probably going to be a bunch of meetings between now and then, so please try to make as many as possible in order for Banquet to run smoothly, and maybe it'll be a stress-free night for a change, but I'm not gonna start holding my breath, heh.
          Huzzah everybody and I'll be sure to update again real soon. Until then, check out the photos from this year and try not to get too sad.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006  Jon
          Wow, these last two weeks have been pretty crazy. Not only did we go through about four days of Sugarloaf, we just survived a week of mid-terms, at least most of us did.
          I would like to ask all of the newbies who joined us for Sugarloaf to give themselves a pat on their backs. You guys did a great job representing the Paladin Society and keeping our reputation strong. I hope that everyone learned a few of the different demos and received an idea of how working at the Faire feels. Although Sugarloaf is tiny in comparison to FlaRF, it's a great place to begin. I'm sure that many memories were made that weekend and don't be surprised if FlaRF gives birth to many more. I doubt any of us will soon forget Jordan's primitive hammering skills or the poorest bamboo fence ever constructed.
          Before FlaRF begins, I want to ask everyone to confront those who they don't get along with right now and make amends, because I refuse to let this year's FlaRF be ruined by drama. I know that I'm being somewhat hypocritical, but I only take responsibility for the drama of two of those days, there were many others who contributed to the problems of last year's Faire. Let's make this year's faire as great as it possibly can be.
          Take care everybody and please send me any photos that you may have so I can add them to the only part of this site in which most of you guys actually go to, the photo gallery!